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How to enjoy spas

Deposit your valuable items into a coin locker or at the spa’s front desk.
Take off your slippers or shoes and place them in the appointed place.
Take off your clothes in the undressing room and put them into a basket or a locker.

Bring a towel and your washing items(facial cleaner or so) into the bathroom.
Wash yourself first. Then rinse around your washing area and put everything you used back to the original place.
Scoop out some tub water and warm yourself.

Get into bath tub. Don’t put your hair or the towel in tub water. (tie up your hair please)
Don’t stay in the warm tub water or sauna till your nose sweats.
Dry yourself roughly with the towel you have before you move to the dressing room.

Dry yourself completely and put your clothes back on and leave.
Take your personal belongings and valuables back.
Drink plenty of water or drinks.

Bathing etiquette

Wash and warm yourself before getting into bath tub.
Try not to soak the towel or your hair (your hair should be tied up) in the tub.
No hair coloring or cloth-washing in the bathroom.
No wearing a bathing suit
No drinking alcohol before or in bathroom
No shouting or yelling.
Return things you used back to the original location.
Wipe your body before going back into the dressing room
Try not splash water especially when using the shower.
Don’t let make children run around, keep your eyes on them.
Please call to anyone who stays in the same tub side.
No smoking in the undressing room.
Drink plenty of water and Relax after bath.
Clean up after yourself.

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